Big hearts grow trees
Agricultural expansion, urbanization as well as major forest fires have radically boosted deforestation in 21st century. It has been estimated that about half of the Earth's mature tropical forests has disappeared by now. While this data looks more than scary, number of greening initiatives makes us motivated and optimistic.
By the installation "Big hearts grow trees" we want to remind people that firstly we with nature are strongly linked and interdependent. Thus deforestation is our common problem. Secondly we want to plea people to take action to make our planet green again.
How it works?
The installation will have 3 main parts: first - 7 m hight, 5 m width tree, second - heart inscribed in a tree, third - control panel for visitors with some information.
Basic mode of the installation is a green tree. When came to the control panel person will see text: "BIG HEARTS GROW TREES. Trees give us life. Are you ready to pay them back?"
Then the person see the button with an inscription "I`ll grow a tree".
When the person pushes the button - heart appears and starts beating inside the tree thanking a person for his good intentions.
We also want to add QR code leading to a page with current greening programs available in the region, so that people will get some ideas right after having emotional experience.
Near the bottom we will also install a counter, which will show how many people are already "in", as a mean of additional motivation.
Technical description
The letters are made of LED sticks and the joints connecting them.
One-meter LED stick each.
Total installation size 5.5 x 7 meters
1kW electricity consumption