Dare to live your life sustainably
World of 21st century is strongly occupied by environmental issues and weather disasters. While meaning of live is believed to be sustaining living, we as a humanity were careless enough to make survival of future generations questionable. With hope but not anger we plea people to dare to live their lives sustainably.
How it works?
Our project consists out of tree elements: first inscription "You live to sustain life" will light up word by word attracting attention, then as a person comes to the installation, inscription will change to "Are you in?" Finally, if the person press the button he will see -
"Dare to live your life sustainably"
Near the bottom we will also install a counter, which will show how many people are already "in", as a mean of additional motivation. We also want to add QR code leading to a page with recommendations of how to be more environmentally-friendly, so that people will get some ideas right after having emotional experience.
What we get?
We want to remind people that our life was given to us to create, not destroy. We expect to plant a sustainable grain in the minds of visitors and to make them wondering how can they become more sustainable.
Technical description
The letters are made of LED sticks and the joints connecting them.
The size of one letter is 1 x 0.5 meters
Total installation size 9 x 3.5 meters
1.5kW electricity consumption