Close your eyes. Imagine a world where you are the main character. Your every step determines the future of the World and your every decision transforms the environment.

Forests delight with greenery, because you planted and protected them. Birds sing loudly, because you did not let them die. Air is clean and fresh, because you did not allow it to be polluted. You can drink from rivers because you have taken care of their cleanliness. Your inner world is beautiful, isn't it? Would you like to stay?

Open your eyes. This is your World. You are the main character. The future of the World depends on you, just as you depend on it. You save nature and nature saves you.
How it works?
The installation is located in the crowns of trees and consists of LED letters.
They light up in turn and form the words: YOU SAVE NATURE & NATURE SAVES YOU
What we get?
We want to remind people that our life was given to us to create, not destroy.
We expect to plant a sustainable grain in the minds of visitors.
Technical description
The letters are made of LED sticks and the joints connecting them.
The size of one letter is 1 x 0.5 meters
Total installation size 1 x 6.5 meters
500 W electricity consumption
Total weight 10 kg